Maternity Shoot

Due to my pregnancy, I haven’t been able to travel this year.  During my first trimester, I was supposed to go to Singapore with my family.  But I was deplaned (with my little daughter crying because Mama cannot go with her anymore) due to threatened abortion arising from spotting.  I have been on and off  bed rest for the rest of the first trimester.

Thankfully, I gained back my strength and at 34 weeks, am having a healthy pregnancy.  I have resumed my yoga asana practice during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, although the last two weeks have been very challenging.  Stress and hormones keep my energy low and I usually find excuses not to practice.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to capture my journey through a maternity shoot.  I still consider this a travel tale as it chronicles my maternity journey.

Despite the turmoil of emotions and fatigue experienced during the 3rd trimester, my yoga practice calms my nerves and helps me find my balance.  Even with active yang poses like the dancer’s pose and reverse warrior, the photographer managed to capture the gentle curves of my baby bump and the soft outline of of motherhood.

My little daughter kept saying that mama looks like a fairy.  After looking at the pictures, I can understand why.  Indeed, I felt like a butterfly or an angel, floating in the sky.  The little one in my tummy inspires me and makes me feel beautiful inside out.

It was also surprising that among the asanas I chose during the shoot, backbends were a favorite, something that I avoid during my actual practice.  It was one exhilarating shoot.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a (feeling) “pre-nuptial” shoot with the hubby and a family pictorial!  My family is my anchor, my source of inspiration and joy.

Thank you BabyLove Studio for capturing these magical moments before my little bundle of joy arrives. Can’t wait for little Kerville to come a few weeks from now.  Looking forward to the baby’s breath photoshoot!  Namaste.


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